Licensed Veterinary Technician

Blue Diamond Animal Hospital Las Vegas, NV

Reporting Structure:

The Licensed Veterinary Technician is under the direct guidance and supervision of the Veterinary Technician Supervisor, Office Manager, DVM, and Practice Manager who will indicate general assignments, limitations, and priorities. Recurring assignments are performed independently. Deviations or unfamiliar situations are referred to the supervisor. Completed work is reviewed for technical accuracy and compliance with established procedures.

Job Overview:

The Licensed Veterinary Technician assists the doctors to the fullest possible extent, to help improve the quality of care given to the patients, and to aid the doctors in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of technical work at Blue Diamond Animal Hospital. The Licensed Veterinary Technician assists with multiple procedures providing care for animals including physical examinations, dental procedures, surgeries, immunizations, euthanasia as well as client education, marketing, and inventory maintenance. This position requires a working knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs, common diseases; their symptoms means of transmission, treatment and prevention, and other basic preventative health care recommendations. This is an overview of the position and the job responsibilities listed do not encompass the entire position.

Essential Functions:

● Receive, handle and treat patients with skill, compassion, and care including monitoring during anesthesia, administering fluids, assisting in diagnosing, surgery, and specialized nursing care.

● Input data into computer software system/patients file

● Ability to observe the animal appearance and activity for general physical condition, obvious signs of illness, disease, and discontent.

● Maintain inventory of pharmaceuticals, equipment, and supplies.

● Placement of IV catheters of various veins

● Induction of anesthesia/endotracheal intubation

● Basic knowledge of calculations

● Perform professional dental cleanings/ dental radiographs

● Perform all activities allowed Nevada Veterinary Board, with the exception of inducing anesthesia, intubation, performing euthanasia, cystocentesis, and tooth extractions.

● Help the doctor treat patients; assist in medical or surgical procedures such as irrigating wounds, medication, cleansing wounds, and bandaging. Perform the full range of “tableside” assistance to the practitioners.

● Perform in-clinic dewormings; record patient weights, temperatures, and respiration rates; record observations on patient status such as nature and amount of vomitus, bowel movements, and urinations+/- blood. Perform ear cleanings and pluckings, dental cleanings for dogs and cats. Monitor and record vital signs on all patients.

● Admit and discharge patients on the doctor’s orders, being especially careful to ensure that patient being discharged are in a medically appropriate state, well-groomed, and looking better than on arrival.

● Answer client questions one-on-one on various aspects of animal care and information on medical discharge sheets.

● Pass on information/advice from the practitioners; explain dosage/purpose of medications; reinforce through discussion the proper care and procedures that should be followed at home.

● Call back/follow-up with clients concerning certain patients; direct clients to the CSR to schedule additional visits when discharge instructions indicate.

● Help doctor administer anesthetics using aseptic technique, prepare patients for surgery; monitor patients during surgery and recovery; assist in surgery; administer fluids; perform support therapy to patients in surgery and post-op; remove and ready next patient.

● Properly clean, pack and autoclave all surgical materials after they are used. Keep the operating room properly stocked and prepared for surgery.

● Perform clinical laboratory procedures such as heartworm checks, skin scrapings, urinalysis, fungal cultures, draw blood for laboratory analysis. Prepare samples for shipment to laboratory and prepare laboratory forms.

● Perform other in-house tests such as parvo virus tests and immunoglobin transfer tests and feline leukemia virus tests.

● Prepare for office hours by stocking drawers in exam rooms and treatment area, by setting up syringes and supplies, and assuring that drugs and equipment are ready.

● Provide restraint of pets for examination and treatment by a veterinarian.

● Prepare medications for both outpatients and inpatients.

● Be familiar with charges and prepare estimates for clients. Be familiar with the record-keeping process and be able to enter charges for hospitalized cases and reconcile fee slips, flow sheets, and medical records.

●Take and process all radiographs, following all safety and OSHA regulations. Complete OSHA and radiology training yearly.

● Assist veterinary assistants in keeping patients clean and dry at all times.

● Assist the customer services representatives when necessary.


Position type and expected hours of work:

● Full Time preferred

● Part-Time (to be discussed with Manager)

● 8-hour - 10 hour Shifts; Monday – Sunday

● Weekends may be required

● Most Holidays required

Education and Experience:

● High School Diploma or equivalent

● Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) degree

● State Licensed Veterinary Technician license

● Previous veterinary experience preferred


At Blue Diamond WE CARE:

Our team agrees and believes in Wisdom, Empathy, Connecting, Attitude, Reliability, Eager to create a work environment that energizes team members to create value on behalf of our clients and patients. We would like these core values to reflect everyone that is part of the Blue Diamond family!


W- Wisdom

E- Empathy


C- Connecting

A- Attitude

R- Reliability

E- Eager


Our Mission is:

Encouraging and engaging experience with owners as they are provided with the highest standard or veterinary medicine from people that care.

Pay Rate: Range $25-$26