Animal Care Taker

Blue Diamond Animal Hospital Las Vegas, NV
Job Description:
The Kennel Assistant works under the direct supervision of the Kennel Supervisor on duty who will indicate general assignments and priorities. The Kennel Assistant provides care and basic needs to animals that are being grooming, boarded, or are patients of Blue Diamond Animal Hospital. Kennel Assistants have the opportunity to assist veterinary assistants when their primary duties have been completed. This is a great opportunity to learn more about veterinary assistant duties, in hopes to transition to veterinary assistant.

Essential Job Functions:
● Following all policies and procedures as well as working effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with the company’s policies.
● Providing a healthy, safe, clean, and pleasant environment and facilities for the animals and the public.
● Maintaining a friendly demeanor and providing good and professional customer service while assisting the public.
● Exhibit a technical knowledge of products and services.
● Demonstrate the ability to explain and educate clients on products and services with the ability to answer their questions.
● Feeding and providing water for the animals. Including providing special diets as needed.
● Walking animals daily, multiple times per day. Per hospital policy and owner request.
● Exercise/walk borders in a safe manner, at all times.
● Collect any samples requested by the doctor or technicians.
● Report signs of illness, disease, injury, or unusual activity to the animal’s health technicians/veterinarians.
● Completing baths and grooming for animals in the hospital.
● Daily, thorough cleaning of all animals.
● Discharge and admit patients at the request of receptionists, practitioners and veterinary assistants and technicians. Ensure that patients/borders are clean and fresh smelling prior to discharge.
● Stocking supplies in the hospital as needed.
● Clean, disinfect and maintain kennels, cages, runs, food/water bowls, and litter boxes as often as is necessary to ensure no cages or kennels are soiled and odors are not apparent. Performs general cleaning in other areas of the hospital to control the spread of disease.
● Janitorial duties include laundry, dishes, washing windows, cleaning general clinic grounds, cleaning cages, lunch areas, treatment areas, outdoor pet walking areas, and sweeping/mopping public areas of the hospital.
● Treating all animals humanely, properly, and with compassion at all times, regardless of the situation or circumstance.
● Humanely restraining animals for vaccinations, examinations, the performance of medical treatments, and euthanasia as needed.
● Ensure that cages and patients are properly numbered and identified, and the personal property are stored in the proper area and identified. (Toys, treats, blankets, leashes)
● Record information such as feeding schedules, appearance, behavior of patients that are boarded.
● Entering animal information in the computer system.
● Working courteously and cooperatively with other staff members.
● Attending and partaking in department/hospital meetings.
● Following organizational dress code and reporting to work in a professional personal appearance including the wearing of neat and clean scrubs.
● Filling in for other areas and performing other tasks/functions as needed, including helping throughout the clinic.
● Assisting the team members or kennel supervisor with additional tasks as needed.

Work Environment:
While performing the duties of the job, the employee is exposed to hazards associated with aggressive pets; hazards associated with infected animals and controlled substances; exposure to unpleasant odors and noises; exposure to bites, scratches, and animal wastes; possible exposure to contagious diseases. Work is normally performed inside; some outside work is required. Follow federal and state animal health laws and regulations including OSHA and DEA.

Job Requirements:
● Excellent interpersonal skills
● Physically fit and agile
● Capacity to lift 50 pounds
● A passion for animal welfare
● High School Diploma or equivalent
● Excellent work ethic
● Understand basic computer skills
● Ability to work well with coworker, clients, and patients

At Blue Diamond WE CARE:
Our team agrees and believes in Wisdom, Empathy, Connecting, Attitude, Reliability, Eager to create a work environment that energizes team members to create value on behalf of our clients and patients. We would like these core values to reflect everyone that is part of the Blue Diamond family!

W- Wisdom
E- Empathy

C- Connecting
A- Attitude
R- Reliability
E- Eager

Our Mission is:
Encouraging and engaging experience with owners as they are provided with the highest standard or veterinary medicine from people that care.

● Health benefits are offered to full-time employees only after 60 days of employment.
● 1-week paid vacation after 1 year of continuous service.

Pay rate:
$12-$12.50 per hour