Blue Diamond Animal Hospital Las Vegas, NV
Receptionist Objectives:
The Veterinary Receptionist’s primary duty is interacting with clients and coordinating communication between doctors, assistants, and clients. You would work under the direct supervision of the Front End Supervisor, Office Manager, Receptionist Supervisor, and/or Veterinary Practice Manager, who will indicate general assignments, limitations, and priorities. The Veterinary Receptionist will greet and welcome all clients and patients in a friendly and professional manner. Receptionists will assume the responsibilities for acquiring the medical and legal information necessary for the performance of their duties.

Essential Job Functions:
● Following all policies and procedures as well as working effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with the company’s policies.
● Maintaining a friendly demeanor and providing good and professional customer service while assisting the public.
● Maintain a professional appearance
● Greet patients and clients in a professional, ethical, and friendly manner at all times, no matter the emotional state.
● Work patiently with distressed, frustrated or disgruntled clients.
● Provide top-notch customer service.
● Able to use Google based computer systems, docs, sheets, email, web search, and other skills needed to effectively use the practice management software program.
● Register clients in the practice management system or enter the information given verbally and/ or registration forms.
● Setup new client records
● Enter all data into the computer for clients; scan faxes, paper forms, etc. into the computer.
● Maintain proper documentation in the electronic medical records
● Managing record requests between other hospitals and speciality practices.
● Relay appropriate information to/from clients to doctors and/or management.
● Assist clients as necessary to make their visits easier.
● Escort clients and patients into exam rooms.
● Answer incoming calls, redirect them, and/or keep messages.
● Client callbacks in a timely manner
● Client education
● Understand accinations, basic lab tests, common diseases, and pet behavior.
● Verify medication refills
● Serve as an initial source of information to clients.
● Being attentive to clients and pets needs.
● Rush patients to the back for emergencies.
● Monitor client flow from check-in to discharge.
● Monitor schedule and flow.
● Schedule appointments and schedule procedures.
● Confirm surgery procedures via phone the day prior
● Check-in clients
● Discharge patients
● Collect money and/or process insurance claims.
● Process payment transactions
● Perform end of day closeout
● Print prescription labels / call clients when ready.
● Receive letters, packages, etc. and distribute them correctly
● Assist in cleaning the hospital including but not limited to: keeping reception desk area and lobby clean and sanitary, taking out the trash and recycling, cleaning floors, front restroom, exam rooms.
● Help Veterinarians or other staff members accomplish other tasks to make the hospital run smoothly
● Attend staff meetings
● Other job-related duties as assigned

Work Environment:
While performing the duties of the job, the employee is exposed to hazards associated with aggressive pets; hazards associated with infected animals and controlled substances; exposure to unpleasant odors and noises; exposure to bites, scratches, and animal wastes; possible exposure to contagious diseases. Work is normally performed inside; some outside work is required. Follow federal and state animal health laws and regulations including OSHA and DEA.

Job Requirements:
● Excellent interpersonal skills
● High School Diploma or G.E.D.
● Capacity to lift 30 pounds
● Demonstrated ability to communicate well verbally and written.
● Basic math, writing, computer skills
● Excellent work ethic
● Demonstrate ability to multitask, work well under pressure, and complete tasks with
a sense of urgency
● Ability to work well with coworkers, clients, and patients

Blue Diamond Animal Hospital Core Values:
Our team agrees and believes in Wisdom, Empathy, Connecting, Attitude, Reliability, Eager to create a work environment that energizes team members to create value on behalf of our clients and patients. We would like these core values to reflect everyone that is part of the Blue Diamond family!
W- Wisdom
E- Empathy
C- Connecting
A- Attitude
R- Reliability
E- Eager

- Health benefits are offered to full-time employees only after 60 days of employment.
- 1-week paid vacation after 1 year of continuous service.

Position type and expected hours of work:
- Full-time or Part-time
- Monday – Sunday; 10-hour shifts
- Weekend shift required
- Holidays required