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Punahou School Main Campus, HI
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April 15, 2022
Punahou School
Main Campus, HI

Punahou School celebrates the richness of its traditions as it embraces the responsibility to provide a relevant educational experience in a rapidly changing world. Punahou places students at the center of the curriculum, with the aim of authentic learning in a sequence and pace that is coherent and purposeful to the individual child. A Punahou education seeks to provide multiple pathways towards growth and success for each student through a broad and meaningful program of studies and through rich experiences for exploration, discovery and mastery. Working within a coherent curricular framework that promotes personalized, product-oriented, inquiry-based learning embedded in authentic, meaningful assessments, Punahou seeks to cultivate curious, confident, and self-directed students. We value the rich opportunities for teaching and learning that are inherent Hawaiian values and in the gift of “place” at Punahou. Our faculty attends to the social-emotional learning of our students via intentional opportunities to provide an environment and a range of learning experiences that educate our children for compassionate, moral, and ethical action at school, in our community, and in the world. Our teachers are agile learners themselves, demonstrating a growth mindset and a commitment to their continual professional development. Incoming teachers will join a dedicated and inspiring faculty whose ongoing reflection and renewal is supported by a schoolwide culture of collaboration and innovation.


Utilizing leadership, advocacy, collaboration, and professional expertise, the Junior School Counselor promotes and enhances student success.  They work closely with teachers and deans, and respond to identified student needs by addressing academic, personal, social, and emotional development for students in grades K-5.  Essential duties and responsibilities include the following.   

  • Acts as an ongoing, effective advocate for students

  • Works to ensure students’ physical, social and emotional safety

  • Strong knowledge of early childhood development

  • Implements and facilitates delivery of responsive counseling services

  • Takes initiative to inform and coordinate care for students, in consultation with deans, Learning Support specialists, faculty, parents, and outside providers

  • Attends regularly scheduled student support meetings and parent conferences, as needed

  • Attends regularly scheduled Department meetings, sub-department meetings, Jr. School faculty meetings, etc.

  • Conducts individual counseling and group counseling with students

  • Intervenes quickly during crisis situations; consults with administration in the provision of care and communication during and after crisis

  • Assists teachers in individualizing instruction to accommodate and support students with specific social-emotional needs

  • Consults and collaborates with teachers and deans in addressing problematic behaviors (e.g., fighting, stealing, personal hygiene, bullying)

  • Collaborates with teachers in developing relevant Social Emotional Ethical Learning (SEEL) lessons and activities

  • Assists parents and students in preparing for transitions

  • Monitors student progress

  • Provides support to parents in their efforts to address their child’s needs, and discusses support strategies and options

  • Facilitates referrals within the school, and community providers as appropriate. Consults and collaborates with specialists/providers and deans to facilitate continuity of care 

  • Engages in professional development activities by participating in continuing education relevant to counselor or program needs; reviewing current research and literature; and engaging in ongoing self-reflection

  • Supports efforts to bridge student support across the K-12 campus

  • Provides opportunities for parent education around developmental issues and current trends

  • Has the ability and willingness to learn enthusiastically as a member of a Professional Learning Community, and to connect with local, national, and global Professional Learning Networks



Position Details: 

Department: Junior School, Grades K-5

Status: Full Time Regular

FLSA Status:  Exempt

Work Year: 2022 - 2023 School Year

Work Hours:  Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM, with some after-hours work as needed



Minimum Qualifications:

  • Masters’ degree or higher in counseling from an accredited university or the substantial equivalent 

  • Five (5) years of elementary school/early adolescent counseling experience.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in counseling with children including working knowledge of current trends; physiological and psychological growth and development; social and cultural influences on child development; a variety of counseling theories, models and processes of counseling and consultation; parenting models and issues; and assessment, data-gathering and analysis

  • Keen observation skills

  • Experience consulting about student care and support 

  • Knowledgeable and skilled in addressing such issues as ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning differences, bullying, divorce, gender and sexual identity, difficulties with self regulation, grief, self-injury and suicide ideation

  • Experience working with parents/families as an essential component of supporting students

  • Experience planning, implementing, and monitoring behavioral interventions

  • Experience with processing information, prioritizing and responding in a fast-paced environment

  • Familiarity with reading and understanding psychoeducational evaluations

  • Strong interpersonal/group skills (good listening, humor, tact, intuition, confidentiality) 

  • Organizational and record-keeping skills  

  • Computer literacy; familiarity with maintaining an electronic calendar, using Google Suite 

  • Initiative to inform and coordinate care for students

  • Familiarity with state laws regarding child abuse reporting 

  • Familiarity with available community resources and services

  • Compliance with a professional organization’s code of ethics (e.g., ASCA, APA, AAMFT) 

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