Treatment Assistant

Alternatives, Inc. Billings, MT
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December 3, 2022
Alternatives, Inc.
Billings, MT

Job Details

Job Location:    Alternatives, Inc. - Billings, MT

Position Type:    Full Time

Education Level:    4 Year Degree

Salary Range:    $15.50

Job Category:    Customer Service



  • A Bachelors degree in Behavioral Sciences or related field; or, currently working on obtaining a Bachelors degree; or, related experience.

  • Must have ability to relate with offenders in a firm, empathetic fashion.

  • Good writing and verbal communication skills.

  • Must have experience and demonstrated ability in records management.

  • Basic computer skills and knowledge of MS Office programs.

  • A current, valid Montana driver's license.



  • Experience working with offenders and/or experience working in a residential treatment facility.

  • Ability to type 45 words per minute.



Alternatives, Inc. is a non-profit corporation based in Billings, Montana. Since opening in 1980, the organization has provided both residential and non-residential supervision and treatment programs for state and federal inmates in Yellowstone, Carbon, and Stillwater Counties. We promote public safety and challenge offenders to become responsible, productive citizens though firm, fair, consistent supervision, treatment, and education.



Staff are hired based on key skills and values, including: strong support for offender treatment and a belief that people can change their thinking and in doing so, change their behaviors, empathy, fairness, life experiences, being non-confrontational but firm, problem solving, and prior training or licensure. Indicators may include: observations of staff during the assessment, responses from staff, program director, and program participants, written criteria for job applications, job descriptions, and screening prior to employment.



The current starting salary for the position is $15.50 per hour, although consideration will be given the successful candidate's experience and educational background.

Permanent full-time employees of Alternatives, Inc. are entitled to sick leave, vacation leave, individual health insurance, and retirement benefits. Alternatives, Inc. participates in the State Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance plans.

Permanent part-time employees are entitled to a pro-rata share of benefits based on the percentage of full-time hours worked (full-time = 40 hours per week).

Specific detail regarding benefits will be provided upon request at the time of interview or at the time of hire.



General Overview:

The Treatment Assistant is directly accountable to the Program Supervisor of Alternatives, Inc.

The TA is responsible for providing support, security, and guidance to residents by assisting and monitoring all aspects of participation in the Alternatives, Inc. programs. The goal of the TA is to assist the client's adherence to program and societal rules while establishing a release plan supportive of a crime free lifestyle.


General Requirements:

  • All employees of Alternatives, Inc. are responsible for reading and complying with standards and procedures in the following documents:

    • Employee Handbook

    • Standard Operating Procedures


Specific Duties:

  • Assist clients with activities of daily living, recreation, social skills, basic hygiene and attendance of all scheduled appointments.

  • Ensure that all areas of responsibility are covered when it becomes necessary to miss work or rearrange the schedule.

  • Provide clients with a complete orientation to the appropriate program

  • Develop and maintain community contacts to the extent that appropriate referrals can be made to community service organizations.

  • Complete reports including, but not limited to, complete and accurate case notes.

  • Assist treatment staff of ASRC with screening packets and other necessary paperwork of the unit as assigned.

  • Maintain all required case records and manage file materials within the limits of confidentiality requirements and within the appropriate timelines in order for accurate documentation to be accomplished.

  • Attend and participate in meetings as assigned.

  • Intervene and assist in crisis management.

  • screening packets and other necessary paperwork of the unit as assigned. identify potential suicide risks and assist in implementing prevention strategies.

  • Facilitate treatment groups as assigned.

  • In conjunction with your supervisor, oversee all aspects of the Therapeutic Community process. This includes, but is not limited to, attending morning meetings, managing the Structure Board, and being involved in all day-to-day activities.

  • Work in conjunction with the Client Advisor staff to ensure the safety and security of the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program.

  • Complete training on the Womens Risks and Needs Assessment and Intake PREA training with new residents.


Client Advisor Specific Duties:

  • Complete one-two shifts per week as a Client Advisor.

  • Account for residents whereabouts on a 24-hour basis by implementing Passages policies concerning head counts and walk-throughs.

  • Maintain the Passages Program as an alcohol and drug free environment by implementing prescribed procedures for urinalysis and Alco-sensor testing.

  • Write incident reports for rule violations and serve incident reports.

  • Ensure against the existence of contraband on the Passages Program premises by implementing personal, room, and pat down search procedures.

  • Supervise resident activities in the center and maintain an awareness of residents attitudes and whereabouts through regular interactions, which includes informal contact with residents.

  • Notify counseling staff of important resident-related issues through direct conversation, logging procedures, resident team meetings, staff meetings, and use of informational incident reports.

  • Crisis intervention must be done under the immediate supervision of the In-Charge CA.


A TA is responsible for completing training requirements for the CA I, II, and III positions.



  • The Treatment Assistant is responsible for informing their supervisor of significant developments related to Alternatives, Inc. Such issues are to be reported expediently, based on his/her assessment of the importance of the issue. Examples include:

    • Any resident involvement in the legal system or in violation of program rules and regulations.

    • Threats of legal action.

    • Public Relations problems.

    • Resident complaints.

    • Fraternization issues.

    • Medical incidents/accidents.

    • Repair requirements on van or facility.

    • Schedule changes, leave requests, reporting in sick and any unauthorized departures from the office.

    • Any suspected or confirmed violation of agency rules by clients

  • The Treatment Assistant is expected to report to his/her supervisor in an expedient fashion all areas of noncompliance with program procedures, along with suggested remedial plans or interventions.

  • The Treatment Assistant is expected to be flexible in assuming new duties and schedule changes. He/she is to be creative in establishing or modifying program operation procedures, and obtaining approval of the appropriate authority previous to implementation.

  • Assume all other duties as assigned.

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