Overnight Veterinary Assistant

Blue Diamond Animal Hospital Las Vegas, NV
Overnight VA Objectives:
The Overnight Assistant works under the direct supervision of the Practice Manager, Office Manager, Veterinary Technician Supervisors, and Overnight VA Champion. This job includes keeping an eye on our patients/boarders overnight, cleaning up after our patients, and administering medications. Must be comfortable with giving injections, administering oral medications, restraining animals, meeting the nursing needs of hospitalized patients, and performing various housekeeping duties for hospital maintenance. Overnight employees are expected to clean and stock the hospital ensuring the most efficient flow for the day shifts. This position assumes a wide variety of responsibilities and is a vital role in the consistent care of our patients.

Essential Job Functions:
- Monitoring all hospitalized patients throughout the night, consulting with the doctor on patient status.
- You will be responsible for feeding, bathing, laundry, cleaning kennels, and giving medications.
- Preparing and administering medications (oral and injectable) and completing specific treatments for each patient as directed.
- Able to bend, lift, and kneel multiple times for extended periods of time.
- Work with fecal matter, urine, blood, and cleaning chemicals.
- Ensure the cleanliness of the Treatment, Exam rooms, Kennel, and Reception areas according to hospital standards.
- Hospitalized monitoring includes: charting, monitoring fluid pumps, feeding, and medication and injection administration.
- Restraining patients efficiently and safely when alone.
- Provide compassionate patient care, including keeping patients clean, dry, and comfortable.
- Housekeeping duties which include but are not limited to: sweeping, mopping, laundry, disposing of trash, sanitizing, cleaning cages and restocking.
- Help keep all parts of the hospital properly stocked and prepared.
- Making and preparing packs.
- Properly cleans, packs, and autoclaves all used surgical materials.
- Alerts the veterinarian to changes in patients’ condition.
- Recognizes patients with contagious diseases and follows applicable procedures.
- Properly handles fractious and fearful animals.
- Maintains and uses an appropriate level of veterinary medical knowledge. Takes advantage of in-house educational materials.
- Knowledge of spelling and meaning of commonly used veterinary medical terminology and procedures.
- Ability to complete assigned tasks
- Demonstrate the ability to show empathy, respect, and compassion with patients.
- Ability to stay on task and work energetically for the entire shift, sometimes exceeding 10 hours per day.
- Other job-related duties as assigned

Work Environment:
While performing the duties of the job, the employee is exposed to hazards associated with aggressive pets; hazards associated with infected animals and controlled substances; exposure to unpleasant odors and noises; exposure to bites, scratches, and animal wastes; possible exposure to contagious diseases. Work is normally performed inside; some outside work is required. Follow federal and state animal health laws and regulations including OSHA and DEA.

Job Requirements:
- Excellent interpersonal skills
- Physically fit and agile
- Capacity to lift 50 pounds
- A passion for animal welfare
- High School Diploma or equivalent
- Excellent work ethic
- Understand basic computer skills
- Ability to work effectively with coworkers, clients, and patients
- Communicate effectively with all managers and leads

Blue Diamond Animal Hospital Core Values:
Our team agrees and believes in Wisdom, Empathy, Connecting, Attitude, Reliability, Eager to create a work environment that energizes team members to create value on behalf of our clients and patients. We would like these core values to reflect everyone that is part of the Blue Diamond family!

W- Wisdom
E- Empathy

C- Connecting
A- Attitude
R- Reliability
E- Eager

● Health benefits are offered to full-time employees only after 60 days of employment.
● 1-week paid vacation after 1 year of continuous service.

Position type and expected hours of work:
● Full-time
● Monday – Sunday; 10-hour shifts
● 2-hour breaks
● Weekend shift required
● Holidays required