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Zenith Prep Academy Remote
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March 17, 2023
Zenith Prep Academy
Washington, Washington DC

Who this is perfect for:

  • This role is perfect for a high-performing, self-starting, and caring individual who enjoys working with parents and wants to make an impact in a family's lives. We are looking for someone who can proactively think and work while being responsible and organized to plan their own days and set their own schedules without direction. In return, you will not be micromanaged and given freedom and autonomy (while not being left completely alone), while still having the support, training, framework, best practices, mentors, and help needed to excel in the role.


Benefits of this role & Zenith Prep Academy:

  • Proven Process - One of the best perks of our company is that since we have worked with thousands of clients over 13+ years, we already have all the materials, presentations, and guides for you to work successfully with parents interested in our programs. You will be fully supported by our entire process that parents have loved for the last 13+ years. 
  • Parents who are happy to speak with you - Every day you will be speaking with parents who are already excited and expressed interest in learning more about our programs. In fact, most of them are excited and waiting to speak with us to have a consultation regarding our programs!
  • Award-winning products/services - You will be educating parents about our amazing products and services that we have spent the last 13+ years as experts perfecting. Because we have focused a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money into building a world-class service that makes students & families happy, you will have a great time educating parents about our programs.
  • High potential for growth opportunities - We have been doubling in growth every year for the past 3+ years so there is plenty of opportunity for rapid growth/promotion as we believe in promoting internally.
  • Strong support & mentorship - We ensure all team members are given every opportunity to succeed by providing the necessary resources and support to be successful.



  • Provide consultations where you teach, educate, and answer questions from parents regarding our company and services
  • Listen to parents' needs and understand the parents' & students' goals to provide a roadmap to helping them achieve their goals
  • Create a warm environment for students and parents to openly discuss their goals



  • Ability to work one of the weekend days (Sat or Sun) consistently - Because our clients are working parents and middle school/high school students, there will be meetings on weekdays and weekends. However, you will have the flexibility to choose when you start/end work each day and which days you want to have meetings. 
  • Self-starter / Responsible / Proactive / Autonomous - We are not the type of organization to micromanage anyone, but in return that means that you are a responsible self-starter who is always on top of returning phone calls, scheduling meetings, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills - You will be managing different clients (students/families), all with different personalities, which will require clear communication and strong interpersonal skills since you will be a client-facing representative.
  • Exhibit strong emotional intelligence & communication abilities - If you are someone that gets along well with others and find it easy and enjoyable to communicate with people, then you would fit this role very well. This role requires a high degree of emotional intelligence and the ability to manage expectations in a firm but pleasant manner.
  • Commitment to honesty & integrity - We've built an incredible amount of trust and credibility over the last 13+ years with the families/students we work with and we hold everyone on our team to highest levels of honesty, integrity, and accountability.


Highly preferred:

  • Experience in speaking with 6th-12th grade parents
  • Bachelor's degree


Total Compensation: $65,000-$75,000 


  • Zenith Prep Academy has a 13+ year track record as leading college admission experts and offers a selective, advanced mentorship program and classes for students looking to pursue business, engineering, and healthcare/sciences and has served thousands of students from around the world. 

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